Claudia Letizia

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I am highly qualified

Hi, I am Claudia, I hold a BA with honors in Translation and Intercultural Communication and an MA in European Linguistics. I am committed to CPD (continuing personal development) and after completing my formal studies, I have taken a number of courses on health, nutrition, cuisine, medical terminology, editing and marketing strategies.

I am a food, health and marketing translator

As a translator I help businesses across the food and health sectors successfully convey their message in English and Italian by translating their marketing material, web content and publications into a culturally-appropriate and faithful equivalent of their original texts.

If you are planning on expanding to the Italian market (German/English into Italian) or you want to take your business across your national borders (German/Italian into English) into the international market, I am the right person to understand your project and find the right words to introduce it to your new audience.

My choice of working with businesses in the health and food sector is inspired by my life-long interest in these two areas which makes it possible for me to understand your context in depth and to empathize with your target audience.

My favorite people to work with are those who care about nuances and precision, as well as those who appreciate my straight-forward, friendly and positive attitude.

I am an academic editor and proofreader

I also edit and proofread academic papers. In this role, I help ESL (English as a second language) academic writers improve the quality of their writing so that their research papers can get accepted for publication. My motivation for committing to this line of work is rooted in my belief that clarity is a crucial value, especially when it comes to science, progress and education.

I can turn your papers into texts that are highly understandable and that flow naturally, so that the value of your research can easily shine through.

As a proofreader, I work exclusively with the Track Changes function of Microsoft Word, so that you can see exactly what I changed and read my comments throughout the text.

My favorite academics to work with are those who believe that clarity of expression is a higher value. I love my academic clients because not only do they appreciate my corrections, they also learn from them and are grateful for this extra benefit.

And I also have a life outside of work

In my private life I am a loving mom and companion who likes witty British comedians, talking about food and languages, watching sci-fi and magic realism series, and doing crossword puzzles with my family members.

Source languages

  • Italian
  • English
  • German

Target languages

  • English
  • Italian


  • Food
  • Health
  • Marketing
  • ESL Academic Writing

Website and social media

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Reach out to Claudia directly

Contact information

Email: [email protected]
City: Freiburg im Br., Germany
Skype: Claudiatrim
WhatsApp/Phone: +49 176 86 38 70 64

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