About the Translation Mastermind

The Translation Mastermind is the offspring of the Standing Out Mastermind, which in turn grew out of the group known as Standing Out – all formed by Andrew Morris.

Andrew is in his tenth year as a translator, following on from a 20-year career in adult education, and it is no doubt the blend of the two careers which has led to the role he now plays in the translation world, running large social media groups for translators in association with ProZ.com.

What makes his groups – and the Translation Mastermind in particular –  different? Well for a start they are troll-free zones, where ideas are always open to challenge, but people are treated with respect at all times. That alone is a novelty. Besides that, they have a positive focus, helping members to concentrate on what is going right, and build on that, rather than constantly ranting about what’s going wrong. Problems are raised, but with a view to solutions, rather than as a springboard to endless hand-wringing. They celebrate achievement and success, and encourage mutual support and learning. And finally, they always have an element of personal development thrown in, based on the knowledge that to thrive – rather than merely survive – we need to go beyond basic translation and business skills and look at the story we tell ourselves, and its impact on whether or not we fulfil our potential. 

The Translation Mastermind Community has come a long way. But all along it thrived because of its followers and then members. This positive and uplifting community has offered a place of celebration, creation, inspiration and growth for years.

A journey down memory lane

December 2013

Facebook première

Andrew Morris posted for the first time ever as a translator on Facebook, in the Watercooler group. By then, he’d been translating in his tiny French village for 4.5 years, and had never previously taken part in online discussion.

February 2014

Standing Out page launched

The start of the Standing Out page on Facebook, with daily posts attracting multiple comments.

October 2014

First book published

Publication of Andrew´s first book: The Book of Standing Out.

February 2015

From page to group

The Standing Out page is changed into a group, and grows to 6,000 members.

October 2016

Second book published

Publication of Andrew’s second book: Still Standing Out.

December 2016

From free to paid group

Standing Out becomes a paid group, known as the Standing Out Mastermind.

January 2017

With ProZ.com

ProZ.com begins to sponsor Standing Out Mastermind, integrating it into its ProZ Plus membership scheme.

December 2018

Clear positioning

The Standing Out Mastermind becomes the Translation Mastermind.

July 2019

Adding value

Launch of the Translation Mastermind Directory.

September 2019

Introducing the TM Academy

Launch of the Translation Mastermind Academy, initiated by award-winning mentor Tanya Quintieri.

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