October 12, 2019

I loved the people; so many interesting people in one room and everybody so friendly and so open. The food was great, especially the appetizers, and the service at the hotel was excellent in every detail. […] The mood/vibe and how everything was professional, yet informal. The content of the workshop itself was very inspiring, it charged me up and made me feel very motivated. The setting was comfortable in every respect.
– Claudia Letizia (see profile)

A recap of the Pragaganza

Andrew Morris welcomed the participants at 9:30 AM at the stunning Hotel Maximilian in Prague, Czech Republic. A week prior to the workshop, the participants were given a task to complete for the day: What is your Status Quo and Quo Vadis?

Group Work: Status Quo and Quo Vadis?

The first session of the day was dedicated to hearing from the participants where they saw themselves at the moment, and where they envisioned themselves to be in the future.

For some it was easier to answer these questions, for others, not so much. Openly sharing where one stands can open a person up to vulnerability, even in the most professional setting.

But that was precisely where we wanted to place the lever for our workshop day. And it was important to us that the participants felt safe sharing their stories, just like in our online group Translation Mastermind.

More than just a Translator

This session, lead by Tanya Quintieri, was about discovering, owning, and priding ourselves with the value of our work. The aim was to help participants reinvent their self image so that they can conquer their very own spot in the market.

To have more, be more and do more: Based on the seven dimensions of wellness, the participants explored the core areas in their professional lives that they need to take responsibility for in the present in order to create a better future.

Their takeaway? A new awareness regarding their status quo and answers on how to get where they want to be.

Inside Out

After a wonderful lunch, Andrew Morris took over with his session called “Inside Out”.

If what the participants had discovered with Tanya were to become a reality, they would need to think beyond outer actions and work on themselves: mind, subconscious and body.

This session was designed to help the participants move towards being new persons, with a more optimistic outlook, and therefore more likely to attract the opportunities and people they need to make “it” happen.

Creating an Action Plan

Finally, the day’s last session brought it all together: It’s one thing to feel a buzz on a day like this, quite another to keep going afterwards and maintain the same energy.

Together, Tanya and Andrew gave the participants pointers on how to put together an action plan. A plan written down becomes a goal, and so they talked about what the participants could expect in the weeks to come, during the follow-up online group coaching.

Online group coaching after the fact

As of October 17, 2019, the participants are now well into their first week of the group coaching and for the most part, they have digested what they learned in Prague. Meanwhile, most of them have put their visions and plans into words and worked out the next steps they need to take in their entrepreneurial journey.

The weeks ahead will be coined by holding each other accountable, cheering on each other, and celebrating small and big milestones. But also picking each other up, in case things don’t progress as envisioned.

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