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The Translation Mastermind, in partnership with, is a membership-based group for ambitious and positive-minded freelancers, committed to professional and personal development and to the highest standards, and seeking to move upmarket.


The Translation Mastermind on FacebookThe project Translation Mastermind is a development of the popular Standing Out (SO) group for freelance translators on Facebook, where we share expertise, ideas, advice and tips every day of the year on a wide variety of work-related issues, all in a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere.

The Benefits

Joining the Translation Mastermind on Facebook brings you the following benefits:

  • Valuable daily content that’s curated, organised, facilitated and monitored
  • A focus on acquiring, serving and keeping direct or private clients
  • Productive, engaging discussions on all aspects of successful freelancing
  • Your questions about all aspects of business answered the same day by a group of committed professional members
  • Marketing tips shared by all members of the group
  • Access to translation and revision opportunities shared exclusively within the group
  • A chance to participate in TM workshops
  • A friendly, encouraging and non-competitive atmosphere, 100% free of trolls and aggression

Freelance Membership is €39 per year and can be cancelled at any time as laid out in our terms.

15 reviews for Membership

  1. Gina Ferlisi

    I’ve been translator a for many years now and when I was invited to the TM Facebook group when I became a ProZ Plus member, I quickly accepted it. I thank Andrew for all his hard work in the group. It’s one of the first groups were you feel at home; there is a friendly atmosphere and very nice people. A place where we can all exchange our points of view, knowledge and professional advice. I highly recommend this group, it is the first group I always read when I log in into Facebook. I love the fun atmosphere and also Andrew’s sense of humour. 🙂

  2. Angie Taylor

    Discovering online translators’ groups was a real game-changer for me. I initially joined a few, but Translation Mastermind stands out as being the most positive and constructive. Members are always happy to pitch in and share ideas, make suggestions and help others. I’ve met lots of lovely people there, many of whom I now meet “in real life” and consider friends. Having that kind of community around me is invaluable.

  3. Jackie Doble

    Being a freelance translator can be a lonely existence, but by joining this group, you will feel supported and inspired, at the same time as having fun and enjoying the company of fellow-minded, supportive people. Discussions are interesting, enriching and positive. It encourages you to reach for the sky and above all to believe in yourself. That at least is what I have found. As an added bonus, you can meet everyone face-to-face once a year. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the online translating world, I couldn’t imagine not being a member now.

  4. Keith Baddeley

    I’ve been a member of Translation Mastermind since the outset. A spin-off from a previous group that was already positive and supportive, it was a no-brainer for me to pay to join a new group that I was sure was going to have the same positive, constructive outlook, focused on how to become the best at what we do. And I haven’t been disappointed, not once! Sometimes, it’s not easy being a freelancer and working alone every day with no interaction with other translators. And co-working isn’t for me – I’m too remote to get to a big town easily and, personally, I need peace and quiet to translate rather than the hubbub of an office environment. TM gives you that connection to other translators, their experience, their business practices, their lives. It’s a fun and lively place to be a part of, to share and exchange thoughts and ideas. We also have our serious moments when we need to. It keeps me focused on being the best I can be and growing my business in a smart way.

  5. Åsa Andersson

    I’ve been a paying member of the TM group on Facebook from the start. Working as a freelance translator can get lonely sometimes. For me, this group has become my tribe of warm and friendly workmates. This is where I go to celebrate success, get support in hard times or share experiences, and – of course – laugh at hilarious punning battles.

    The content is a great mix of serious business matters, professional development, and pure fun. I love it.

  6. Corinne Simon-Duneau

    Translation Mastermind is one of the most positive, constructive Facebook groups I’ve ever been in!
    It’s due in large part to the enthusiastic tone Andrew Morris has given it from the get-go; and the members have been great—they’re always ready to ask (very!) useful questions, to help each other with (really!) mind-blowing advice, to insert some (truly!) ghastly pun and to (quickly!) defuse the occasional grenade thrown in our midst.
    The “friends” thing doesn’t feel like the fake, empty, lonely mockery of genuine relationships that sometimes exist online. I feel I’m building some real friendships based on mutual respect and professionalism.
    I’ve learned a lot, laughed a lot, and planned a lot as a result. It’s kicked my butt into gear and I’m now doing what I’ve been procrastinating on for far too long—dusting off the rusty engine of my freelance spirit, upgrading my old, jalopy habits and using (finally!) 21st century marketing vehicles. Thanks to all!
    PS: Only problem: I now have to fight addiction and use discipline to limit my daily dose of TM

  7. Gill McKay

    These days so much of the internet can feel like a pretty depressing place to be. But entering the world of Translation Mastermind is like escaping to a favourite cafe for an espresso with close friends. It’s somewhere to share successes and failures, ask and give advice, re-energize, bounce around ideas, or simply hang out and have a laugh. It’s that perfect local cafe where you can pop in whenever you need a break and know you’ll always be welcomed with a smile.

  8. Edel Ring

    I remain on facebook for the sole purpose of being in this and a tiny number of other language-related groups. Translation Mastermind provides a space to interact in an inclusive and positive space, sharing knowledge, expertise and building a hive mindset that has been very beneficial to me and hopefully many others since its inception.

  9. Ramey Rieger

    Wonderfully supportive community, particularly for a hermit like me. Giving and taking advice, untying and tying linguisitc knots (fun!), learning, after 30 years of obstinately translating in my own little world, that there really is a worthwhile out there out there. The forum is well-guided and the last word often up for grabs. So why only four stars and not five? Because the forum is so addictive I have to work much later than usual to keep up with my projects.

  10. Peter Bowen

    I’ve been a member of this group since its inception. It’s a friendly, supportive space in which to explore the issues facing us in the world of translation, interact with other members, learn, teach, and share information. It benefits from an absence of the moaning and tension that sometimes plague other FB groups. I have learned a great deal from my fellow pros and hope I’ve helped others a little along the way too. And then there are the puns. I definitely need to mention the puns. Did someone say puns?

  11. Claudia Letizia

    Since I found out about TM’s Facebook Group my life as a freelance translator has drastically changed for the better. It’s been half a year now and in the meanwhile I have abandoned most of the other translator’s group I was interacting with. TM offers me all I need in terms of contact with my colleagues and motivation for my professional development. After I joined it, it has quickly become my to-go place for pretty much any translation related question or story I want to share.
    Here are the 3 characteristics that really make it stand out:
    OPTIMALLY SIZED. Not too big, not too small – around 1K members. This means that you typically get plenty of input from your colleagues, but not so much that you can’t even read all the answers to a post. And if you are there for a while you really get to know the people who are the most active, which builds a strong community feeling IMO.
    CAREFULLY CURATED. The admin does an amazing job of posting engaging content and filtering out unwanted posts and aggressive, negative people.
    POSITIVE. The philosophy behind the group can be clearly defined as constructive, helpful and supportive, which is really what I personally need when I go network with my colleagues: something that charges me up and inspires me instead of sucking energy out of me.

  12. Tanya Quintieri aka Mrs. Divi

    I’ve been a paying member of the TM group on Facebook since week one, so roughly 2.5 years, I think. The moderated group is a great place to share ideas and exchange ideas with fellow translators in a calm, respectful and friendly setting. Andrew is a great community manager–that’s how I’d describe his role. But he’s also a host who sparks great discussions. I am happy that I joined and recommend the group to all those who want to grow as business owners, not just in terms of money. It’s like exercise for the business muscle. 🙂

  13. Yoana Ivanova

    I haven’t been a member of the TM group for long, but it’s the loveliest Facebook group I have been a part of. Here you’ll find seasoned professionals willing to share their experience and advice on anything translation and business related. Top that off with an ever-present friendly tone and a fun atmosphere, and you’ve got Translation Mastermind.

  14. Ifleh Moulay Sadik

    I joined the Translation Mastermind less than a month ago (through Proz plus membership), and I just love it. If you guys out there are still wondering whether it is worth it to join, I assure you, just go for it. Here is why:
    It is a friendly atmosphere where you are going to meet some really amazing people from literally all over the world. Although all of these great people are in the translation business, they are all ready to give you hints and tips to start your own business. I Forgot to mention that it is also a fun group.

  15. Claire Culliford

    I’ve been a paid up member of the TM FB group since the outset. I find the group motivating, supportive, a great pit stop during long hours spent working alone to refuel, re-energise and meet other positive, ambitious and collaborative-minded translators around the globe. Andrew does a wonderful job facilitating the functioning of the group which has gradually become something all the members participate in to ensure its smooth running and progression. For anyone wanting to improve their translation knowledge and business, develop professionally in all kinds of ways and engage in interesting linguistic and mindset related discussions, this is the place. It’s unique yet completely inclusive, with a guaranteed warm welcome to all newcomers.

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