Dr Nicolas Gambardella

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Hello, I am Nicolas, a British and French citizen, who spent 32 years in France and 18 in Britain. I offer premium services in academic writing, editing and translation.

After undergraduate studies in life sciences, mathematics and physics, I got master degrees in cell biology and biochemistry, as well as a master degree and a PhD in molecular and cellular pharmacology. I spent 25 years in academic research, in particular in the biomedical domain, with numerous collaborations with clinicians and the pharma industry.

My translation career started when, 20 years ago, I volunteered as a member of the team translating the LaTeX package documentation from English to French.

My academic research career provided me with a comprehensive experience of writing, editing and translating documents. This encompasses technical documentation, scientific articles, funding applications, and evaluation reports, both in French and English. I supervised many students, was associate editor of three scientific journals and member of a large number of advisory, evaluation, funding and hiring panels. Assessing and proofreading texts was a major part of my activity.

I offer services in data analytics, mathematical modelling, academic writing and translation.

What I like most in translation is gathering in-depth information about the topic, whether a person, a disease, or a device, in order to provide the best possible service. Each translation is a full-on project, on which I totally focus. At the end of the translation, I am sort of an expert on the subject. At the end of the translation, I often provide advice on how to improve the source document (if it is not finalised).

This permanent personal improvement keeps me going. Each project increases my general knowledge and technical expertise, as well as providing me with extensive translation memories and specialised glossaries. This makes me a better translator and a happier person.

Source languages

  • English
  • French

Target languages

  • French
  • English


  • Medical
  • Biology
  • Data science

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Town: Cambridge, United Kingdom  
Phone: +44 783 314 707 4  

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