How to get the most out of the Translation Mastermind Summit 2020

Written by Tanya Quintieri

15. January 2020

We want to give you a handy guide to get the most out of your participation in the Translation Mastermind Summit. For one, we have put in many, many hours to make it happen and it is our heartfelt wish that as many freelance translators and interpreters can access this awesome source of free CPD.

At the end of this post, you can download a handy checklist. Tick all the boxes and you will be good to go!

What is the Translation Mastermind Summit?

The Translation Mastermind Summit is an online conference. It lasts two days and on each day we will have at least 6 sessions. We will cover a variety of topics that will help freelance translators and interpreters, but also copywriters and other online workers to grow their business.

Where can I find the schedule?

You can either check out or website at or visit the Events section in our Facebook group.

How can I participate?

The summit will take place in a public Facebook group that anyone can join. There are a few ground rules. First, only admins and moderators can add new posts. But all members can comment.

There is a pinned announcement with 4 main topics regarding the group and the summit: A welcome post, a post where members can ask questions, one where they can introduce themselves, and one with information about how the sessions can be watched after they are no longer available for free.

Of course, we expect the group members to be cordial and friendly at all times. We have a Code of Conduct that applies to any of our communities, events, and groups. That can be viewed here.

So, quick answer: To watch the sessions you simply have to join the Facebook group Translation Mastermind Summit. Joining and watching the sessions is free. No costs or registration involved.

TIP: We suggest that you visit the Events tab in the group and hit “Going” or “Interested” on the sessions you don’t want to miss. That way, FB will send you a notification in due time.

But where does the summit take place?

The summit will take place on the Facebook group’s timeline. You will receive a notification (provided you have subscribed to them in the group settings) before each Live session begins, usually about 15 minutes before.

Important: The Lives (sessions) will not take place inside the Facebook Events, but on the group’s timeline!

What do I need to take part in the summit?

You need a computer with access to the internet, preferably with a stable connection(!), and speakers. That’s it. Oh, and perhaps pen and paper as well as a big cup or glass of your favorite beverage.

How can I contact the speakers or ask questions?

The place to get in touch with the speakers before the summit is in their respective Events, which will you will in the group under the Events tab. Each speaker is a co-host and they will receive notifications when you post something inside the Event post.

Also, we highly encourage you to comment on the Live sessions as they are happening. These sessions are meant to be interactive. So don’t be shy, make the most of your time with us!!

Good to know: At the Translation Mastermind, we believe there are no dumb questions and we know that everybody was a “newbie” once. Ask away!

I am not on Facebook, how can I participate?

We understand that no everyone is on Facebook. Unfortunately, if that is the case with you, you cannot watch the summit for free. However, you can buy a ticket in our Translation Mastermind Academy, where the recordings will be made available for 12 months (until we launch the next summit).

Our academy is hosted on Teachable. You have to create a student account and enroll in our “school”. This is free. It is only when you want to enroll in one of our paid courses or want to watch the summit recordings that you have to pay.

What if I don’t have time to watch the sessions?

This years summit takes place on February 3 & 4. The sessions will remain on the group’s timeline for at least 48 hours after the summit ends. So at least until the evening of February 6, 2020. If you still can’t make it, you can get an All Access or VIP pass in our academy.

Once the sessions are uploaded to the academy, you will have 12 months to watch and replay all sessions whenever you feel like it.

How can I make sure I don’t miss out on any of the sessions I am interested in?

  1. Join the FB group.
  2. Click “Going” or “interested” on every session you are interested in (you’ll find those in the Events tab).
  3. Enable notifications for the group.
  4. Subscribe to our newsletter at the end of this post to receive reminders to your inbox.

Will there be a certificate of attendance?

We looked into different options, but there is no way for us track and check if participants watched all the sessions on Facebook. So certificates will only be issues to those who buy the All Access or VIP tickets, as we can track progress on Teachable. And we want to issue true certificates.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes, the Translation Mastermind Academy offers an affiliate program. Once you enroll in the academy for free, you can contact our CPD Coordinator Tanya Quintieri ([email protected]) to let her know you would like to participate in our affiliate program. This means you can share a link to the academy and receive 10% of all sales generated through your link.

Note: There are certain rules when it comes to affiliate links. For instance, you have to disclose them as such. You can read more about that here.

Why is this event [initially] for free?

The makers of the Translation Mastermind and your Translation Mastermind Summit hosts Andrew Morris and Tanya Quintieri believe in paying it forward. There are many reasons why freelancers can’t attend in-person events such as conferences or workshop days. We want to bring quality CPD to your screen in the comfort of your home, and make it accessible to those who need it.

Yes. we are paying the speakers a guaranteed compensation out of our pockets, which is why we are using the free features offered by Facebook to host the summit initially. However, we think that they deserve more, for all the work and time they invest in bringing great content to the summit. Hence, we will move the summit content behind a paywall (i. e. into the Translation Mastermind Academy), and will then share the profits with them equally.

The revenue we make with the tickets sold will first go towards maintaining our Teachable school, which comes with a price tag for us as school owners, so that we can continue to offer free courses on a high-quality platform. There are also paid courses, which compensate the course authors for their time they put towards creating the courses.

The Translation Mastermind Summit is a project from the heart and not meant to be a profit machine. But the more tickets we sell, the more quality CPD programs we can put out there.

What do you want from participants?

We want you to share the link to our summit far and wide:, so that many more people from around the globe can benefit from the summit. We have been able to secure awesome, inspiring speakers and they deserve a huge audience. You can also help us spread the word by tweeting about the summit (we use the hashtag #TMS2020) and by inviting your friends to the group after you have joined yourself.

We appreciate your support!


Download our handy checklist to make sure you get the most out of this summit!

Written by <a href="" target="_blank">Tanya Quintieri</a>

Written by Tanya Quintieri

Tanya is the CPD Coordinator at the Translation Mastermind. The German-English translator and web designer is based in the Czech Republic. Voted Mentor of the Year in 2017 by the Community, she is passionate about CPD, whether it takes place online or at in-person events. You can contact her by email: [email protected].

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