Interview: Josh Hall

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Written by Tanya Quintieri

13. January 2020

About Websites For Freelancers, Launching A Podcast, And Fatherhood

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 14:30 (Central European Time)

In this interview, Josh Hall will share some of his best tips, learnings, and inspiration. Most people in the T&I sphere will not know who Josh is, main reason being that he is a web designer (and more — see below). So why should he speak to a group of translators and interpreters? We believe that sharing knowledge and experience across a multitude of professions can only benefit us. And Josh is a great source for that. He knows all about web design and what to include on a website for freelancers to convert visitors into leads.

But he is also a very much admired member of his peer community, even an influencer. Tanya wants to know how he managed to become an opinion leader and someone who people look up to and seek advice from. In addition to running a very successful niche FB group and being involved in relevant events in real life, as well as cooperating with other freelancers and business owners through Lives, YouTube videos and more, Josh has recently launched a podcast. Let’s find out what we can learn from him and his journey of “putting himself out there”.

And lastly, we want to hear a man’s perspective on parenting while growing a business as a freelancer or small biz owner. Do fathers face the same challenges and do they experience the same positive aspects as mothers? We will find out!

About Josh

Josh_Hall_TMS2020Meet Josh – Professional web designer & agency owner of In Transit Studios, blog author for Elegant Themes and an online web design course creator, educator and influencer.He helps new, intermediate and advanced web designers build awesome websites with WordPress & Divi and he LOVES helping fellow web designers build their freelance web design businesses.

He’s grown his web design start-up from a part-time side hustle back in 2011 to a thriving 6-figure web design business today.

Josh is passionate about being a guide for those who want to experience the freedom, opportunities and meaningful work that freelancing can bring.

Learn more at

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Written by <a href="" target="_blank">Tanya Quintieri</a>

Written by Tanya Quintieri

Tanya is the CPD Coordinator at the Translation Mastermind. The German-English translator and web designer is based in the Czech Republic. Voted Mentor of the Year in 2017 by the Community, she is passionate about CPD, whether it takes place online or at in-person events. You can contact her by email: [email protected].

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